Written by Lisa D’Amour, Ellen Maddow, Lizzie Olesker, and Paul Zimet
Directed by Anne Kauffman and Melissa Kievman
Music Composed by Peter Gordon
Set Design by Anna Kiraly
Lighting Design by Mark Barton
Sound Design by Alex Hawthorn
Costume Design by Olivera Gajic
Choreography by Johanna Meyer
With: David Brooks, Gibson Frazier, Ian Holloway, Suli Holum, Derrick Karg, Jodi Lin, Ellen Maddow, Andy Paris, Katie Pearl, Tina Shepard, and Paul Zimet
2006: May 6–28, Ohio Theatre, NYC

“high-energy performers who seem to have a grand old time. If you’re in the mood for something silly, you will too.”
– The New York Times