Written by Paul Zimet
Composed by Ellen Maddow
Direction: Paul Zimet
Sets: Nic Ularu
Lights: Carol Mullins
Costumes: Kiki Smith
Choreography: Stefa Zawerucha
Sound Design: Tim Schellenbaum
Additional Music: “Blue” Gene Tyranny
Assistant Costume Design: Jill St. Coeur
With: William Badgett, Kwed Ifatola Camara, Eisa Davis, David Greenspan, John Keating, Ellen Maddow, Audrey Pernall, Randolph Curtis Rand, Steven Rattazzi, Tina Shepard, Vivian Warfield, and Connie Winston
2005: January 6–23, La MaMa ETC, NYC

“There is much to admire about the show.”
– NYTheater.com

We sailed the Caribbean and the Spanish Main
El Dorado burned in our brains
Moons would wax and moons would wane
The less we found
The more we claimed.

— Francis Cuttle, a rich plantation owner who insists that his claim to the land negates Superintendent Edward Despard’s plan to resettle the English subjects according to a treaty between England and Spain. This difference leads to Despard’s being ousted and eventually landing in debtor’s prison.