By Aeschylus, Euripides, Marcus Gardley, David Greenspan, Sidney Goldfarb, John Jesurun, Ellen Maddow, Deb Margolin, Lizzie Olesker, Seneca, and Paul Zimet
Conceived and Directed by Tina Shepard
Lighting Design: Lenore Doxsee
Set Design: Lenore Doxsee and Tina Shepard
Sound Design: Chris Giarmo
Video: Andrew Lazarow
Stage Manager: Kevin Hourigan
Assistant Stage Manager: Nick Smerkanich
Intern: Matt Phillips
With: Andrew R. Butler, nicHi douglas, Carlos Ibarra, John Kurzynowski, Jake Margolin, Anastasia Olowin, Chinaza Uche

Breaking news from 500 B.C.E
AND from 2023 C.E.

“Obskene” is the Greek term for “off-stage” and is the basis for the word “obscene”: it refers to the horrendous and unseen acts of violence that happen off-stage but are never depicted in Greek tragic plays.

OBSKENE is a new play conceived and directed by Tina Shepard and written in concert with 8 playwrights, including Marcus Gardley, David Greenspan, Sidney Goldfarb, John Jesurun,Ellen Maddow, Deb Margolin, Lizzie Olesker, and Paul Zimet.

November 1 – 17 at HERE
Wed – Sat at 8:30 p.m.
Sat & Sun at 5 p.m.