Written by Paul Zimet
Electronic music by Peter Gordon
Acoustic music by Ellen Maddow
Directed by Paul Zimet
Sets by Nic Ularu
Lights by Carol Mullins
Costumes by Kiki Smith
Video by Kit Fitzgerald
2008: La MaMa ETC

“stunning and profound … Its soul is immense.”

– NYTheater.com

Imminence follows three generations of a family in an exploration of time, and how it shapes our lives from the smallest human instant to the massive geotectonic cycles of the earth.  Following the death of her mother, Simone takes her twenty year old daughter, on a cross-country car trip to visit her parents’ first home in Coney Island.  The narrative shifts between the past and present, not only through the generations of Simone’s family, but also through the much longer scale of geological time.   Fleeting moments of human interaction – an awkward wedding, a deathbed vigil, an unlikely romance between the family doctor and an eccentric friend – cross paths with the slow, relentless time of the earth itself.