Written and Directed by Paul Zimet
Conceived by
Paul Zimet and Peter Samelson
Music by Ellen Maddow
With: Peter Samelson and Dennis Kyriakos
2009: October 9–25, La MaMa’s First Floor Theatre, NYC

“Because it’s a Talking Band show, you know that there’s ever more than meets the eye”

Legendary magician Anton Radnevsky (a.k.a. The Great Radnevsky) is returning to the New York stage for the first time in over three decades to perform his one-of-a-kind, bewildering and mystifying magic.

The performance is fraught with emotion and meaning for the legendary magician. Thirty three years ago, Radnevsky disappeared from the city after an audience member died at a preview performance of his much-heralded magic show, Stories and Sorcery. But this October, Radnevsky will return to the scene of that tragic performance and put on an even more spectacular show, an act he has been working on for half his life.

Joined by protege Harry Telkhines, Radnevsky invites audiences into a world where reality and illusion blend, and where all is not what it seems. Together, master and apprentice weave a tapestry of story and illusion, music and image, tradition and innovation, in the search for what is truly magical.