Written by Ellen Maddow
Directed by Katie Pearl
Choreography by Faye Driscoll
Lights and Set by Lenore Doxsee
Costumes by Kiki Smith
Stage Manager Joan Cappello
With: Randolph Curtis Rand, Mary Shultz, and Paul Zimet
2010: October 7–23, HERE Arts Center, NYC

“willful obscurity”

The Talking Band presents a theatrical world as timeless as moneylenders, as new as credit default swaps, and as dangerously volatile as the swings of the stock market.

Three traders — Ruth, Rubin, and Silverman — sit at a table swapping and bartering objects with encoded values, receiving orders and instructions by earpiece, and attempting to stay ahead of the ever-changing numbers that broadcast swings in the market.

As they get caught in unpredictable swells and currents that they have no control over, their place in it all becomes clear:  they are outsiders – middlemen who bear all the responsibility and none of the power. In exploring their relationship to each other and their society, this unique theatrical piece explores the profound impact of lending, trade, debt, and finance in our culture.