an episodic, site-specific play 

This season Talking Band is trying something new. For the past several years the company has been creating and producing two new works a year. This year we’ve decided to develop a new work over the course of this whole season and part of the next.


The new work is called The Golden Toad and it unfolds in four episodes. The play follows the same group of characters over time and shifting circumstances. The episodes add on to each other like overlays of transparencies: with each new layer our earlier understanding of whom a character is shifts dramatically.



Throughout the year Talking Band will be presenting each episode as a site-specific work-in-progress. These locations, a Brooklyn brownstone, a tour bus, a pop-up thrift store, and a karaoke bar, all provide another layer to the theme of fluid identity. 

The Golden Toad will culminate with a run of all four episodes in January, 2015 at La MaMa’s Ellen Stewart Theater.


Visit the Golden Toad microsite for updates on each episode, as well as photos, videos, music and more.